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Michael Young: Mirroring the rhetoric of his opponents

Every few columns you get a Michael Young where the internal inconsistency of his thought is evident in the same paragraph (to say nothing of his inability to understand or acknowledge, even just a bit, why developing world countries might not think the road of force and pressure may be the best way forward in Syria).

Note here the liberal use use of extreme (illiberal) binaries:

“…The template of a naturally domineering, exploitative West facing off against a vulnerable, victimized South is utter nonsense. This characterization may sound like an exaggeration, but it is far less so than you might imagine. The romance of revolution (for many of the governments backing Qaddafi and Assad somehow perceive themselves to be revolutionary, or on the side of revolution internationally) is often made doubly powerful by its imprecision. Only such imprecision, the imposition of a black-or-white reading of Syria’s standoff against Europe and the United States, can induce governments to take the side, explicitly or implicitly, of a leader who merits a seat in the dock at the International Criminal Court.

— Here, young is merely flipping the coin around of course, offering the reader precisely the “black or white” reading he then condemns in his adversaries!

“…I will wager you an all-expenses trip to Managua, Havana or Cape Town, that the cynical reckonings of Assad’s new international comrades will prompt no invitation for us to reinterpret the current state of international relations. That countries arousing so many positive expectations in the past should somehow find themselves protecting, essentially, criminal enterprises, is a sign of moral and ideological bankruptcy. And yet those countries will continue to elicit warm feelings worldwide for allegedly challenging the global status quo. Few will see this impression for the lie that it is.” 

— As always, false consciousness and a secret lust for power ONLY dominates his adversaries and their supporters – just like Young once asserted that Hizbullah ONLY derives its popularity through FEAR…. People on the other side of the tracks just can’t possibly be rational and/or moral. Oh Lonesome life!

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October 17, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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