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Poison attempt by Iran, naturally, against KSA Ambassador in… Cairo

Notice Elaph’s use of the word UNIMPEACHABLE….Here in Arabic

On October 13, the Saudi-owned Elaph website carried the following report: “Through Information revealed for the first time, Elaph learned that the Saudi Ambassador to Cairo, Ahmad Abdel-Aziz Kattan, has survived an assassination attempt through poison. The afore-mentioned attempt was reportedly staged by Iran. The decision-making circles [in Saudi Arabia] interpreted the involvement of Iran in targeting Saudi figures as an attempt at dealing a blow to the diplomatic movement in the kingdom.

“Unimpeachable news and security sources revealed that the Saudi Ambassador to Cairo, Ahmad Abdel-Aziz Kattan has been subjected to an assassination operation via an attempt at poisoning him in the Egyptian capital. Kattan was reportedly taken to the hospital immediately and the doctors were able to save his life and to extract the poison from his body.

“The sources that spoke to Elaph did not hesitate to accuse Iran of staging the assassination operation by indicating that it [i.e. Iran] “is behind the incident.” There were no comments made from the part of the Iranian side, which refused to speak about this and which only said that these claims are part of an American conspiracy. This information was revealed as Washington accused Iran of attempting at assassinating yet another Saudi ambassador, which is Al-Riyadh’s Ambassador to Washington, Adel al-Jabir…”


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October 14, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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