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This will get better (worse): Hizbullah and Hariri of course connected to bomb plot

Well, possibly – look at the Al-Rai al-Aam story today – which says the plot looked a lot like the Hairi bomb (!) and that maybe a Lebanese bank may have wired the money.

A prediction – Khamene’i, Nasrallah, Ahmadinezhad, Suleimeni, Bashar Assad, Asef Shawkat and maybe HAMAS higher ups all met on this and approved it. I will not be surprised to see Hizbullah implicated in the coming days and weeks.

Here is the translated report from our

“Through a coincidence, the FBI discovered that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were preparing to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the USA, Adel al-Jabir before the end of this month through an explosive device containing highly explosive C4 material that would target him in a restaurant in the American capital.

“The American sources told Al-Rai that the assassination that was supposed to be carried out resembled to a large extent the operation of the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafik al-Hariri in Beirut in February 2005. The latter was targeted through a large explosive device containing C4.

“The details of the summoning text presented by Justice Minister, Eric Holder, indicated that one of the agents working for the FBI within the Mexican drug cartel that smuggles these material to the USA, contacted the American officials to inform them that American-Iranian, Mansour Arabsyar, tried to hire him in order to carry out the assassination operation for the sum of 1.5 million US dollars.

“Arabsyar transferred the sum of 100,000 dollars to the Mexican agent from a non-Iranian bank to the agent’s account in the USA. The American agents said that the bank, which the indictment refused to specify, is likely either “an Emirati or a Lebanese bank.” The so-called hit man then asked Arabsyar for guarantees that the full amount will be paid after the assassination. The latter said that he will come to Mexico and remain there under the mercy of the drug cartel until the operation is carried out, then he will pay the rest of the sum.

“Then Arabsyar promised the agent…to secure large quantities of opium from Iran to Mexico. Then Arabsyar flew from Tehran to Mexico via Germany. When he reached his final destination, the Mexican Authorities refused to let him in, He then took another flight to the JFK Airport in New York where he got arrested on September 29 through an American judicial warrant…

“When he got arrested, Arabsyar agreed to cooperate with the investigators. And, following the request of the investigators, he contacted his so-called cousin, the official at the Revolutionary Guards, Ali Gholam Shakoury… The investigators taped the two men’s conversation and they learned that the plan to assassinate Al-Jabir was overseen by Shakoury, through the approval of prominent Iranian officials. The American sources said that one of these officials is the man in charge of the Jerusalem Battalion in the Revolutionary Guards, General Kassem Suleimani who works under the direct order to the Revolution’s Guide, Ali Khamenei…

“When the American apparatuses uncovered the details of the Iranian plan, they contacted Al-Riyadh immediately… The sources of the American Secretariat of State said that the USA believes “that there is now a suitable opportunity to address the world’s capitals and to inform them of the details of the assassination operation in addition to try to convince them to exert additional international seclusion against Iran reaching the highest possible level.””

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