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Obama’s STL: Why the US should be criticized on its Iran Plot strategy

Put simply: There is already – and there will be more – so much reasonable doubt that this plot was in fact an “official,” sanctioned operation and not a low down, sloppy rogue plot, that the Obama Administration easily looks as if it is using a thin legal case as a sword against its opponent – official Iran.

The smarter thing to have done – if using knowledge of this discretely to exact goodies/put subtle pressure/sow divisions among the Iranians was off the table – would have been to NOT GO FOR GOLD by unambiguously tying official Iran to the plot, but rather to have raised this case as the other Hizbullah/Hamas/Iran on-local-soil cases have been raised – i.e. in a more limited fashion and as a more limited reach of the groups/splinters.

It feels – without us knowing ALL of the evidence etc – that there probably was uncertainty on the “official Iran” angle but that political needs in the field against Iran meant going for it anyway.

Feels strangely like the Feltman-Bush approach to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon – use it as a sword over damascus and its allies, push things fast, push looser rules for the tribunal…. who will really remember anyway later on down the road when the case collapses?

Six years later, that strategy proved pretty disasterous, no?




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October 13, 2011 at 1:12 pm

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