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Iranian plots

Beyond the rogue element theory, the only other possible angle to the plot is putting in place the capacity to strike US, KSA and Israeli interests hard on US soil SHOULD A WAR BE SPARKED OFF and Iran is hit at home…. i.e. they were building a capacity to use if they were attacked.

But even if this were to be true, the US has (stupidly) reached for the stars in claiming, it seems, that the plot would have materialized soon i.e. it was underway.

This could go down as yet another Curveball – it has those elements and the context (an overdetermined desire to further box in Iran and, for some, a desire for war with Iran – i.e. the ONLY TWO GAMES IN TOWN!).

The smarter play would have been to deal with this plot, if we believed it credible OR IF WE BELIEVED IT to be a rogue play, discretely and exacted a price/exacted further engagement or held it in bay for a while to use later (i.e. hold its elements as a future threat.

Count one more nail in the coffin leading us to a regional conflict…. It seems that’s the only game in town.



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October 12, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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