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Jordanian intelligence RANKED #1

Note in this Al-Manar report on TV the other day how it backs up Nasrallah’s claim to Sy Hersh a while back in the New Yorker that Jordanian Intelligence was really the sharp end of the spear for Israel when it comes to the intel war in Lebanon. He certainly accused Jordan of being the vanguard in attempts to pinpoint and kill him.

“Without being monitored or held accountable, international intelligence agencies, including Arab and western agencies, are moving freely in Lebanon. This description is based facts on the ground, not vacuum, through the scarcely revealed information to the media, which affirms that the Lebanese security is infiltrated from all sides. Only the Israeli infiltration of the Lebanese territory remains possibly disclosed to the public; however, what is concealed could be far more serious. Al-Akhbar published in its second page the chapters of a security story, revealing that a Jordanian national was arrested while collecting intelligence about Major General Abbas Ibrahim, director general of the General Security Directorate . This story was confirmed by the General Security sources to Al-Manar. The sources said that patrols of the General Security Directorate had suspicions about Jordanian citizen A.M. after he was arrested around a week a! go while collecting intelligence about major General Ibrahim. While interrogating him, he admitted that he is working for the intelligence department of a friendly country to Lebanon and that officers from the intelligence department of that country tasked him with collecting the biggest amount of intelligence possible about Major General Ibrahim. With regard to the friendly country, the sources of the General Security Directorate did not deny that the detainee might be working for the Jordanian Intelligence. Meanwhile, security officials affirmed to Al-Akhbar that the Jordanian Intelligence is active in Lebanon at a large scale and that it collects intelligence about all the security, political, and social fields, but focuses its activities on two areas, namely, the refugee camps and the Palestinian factions, and the resistance. They added that Jordan is considered to some extent the backup or proxy Israeli intelligence due to the security coordination between Jordan and t! he Zionist enemy. The Jordanian Intelligence provides Israel with all the intelligence it collects in Lebanon, especially those related to the resistance. In their statements to Al-Manar, the sources of the General Security Directorate did rule out the possibility that the Jordanians gave the intelligence collected about Major General Ibrahim to the Israelis, especially since Major General Ibrahim was known for his role in pursuing the Israeli spying networks when he was working at the Lebanese Army Intelligence Department. After interrogating the Jordanian detainee, he was referred to the Military Intelligence Department, which charged him with establishing contacts with a foreign state.”

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October 2, 2011 at 12:57 pm

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