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What Omar Chatriwala wants to tell us about Wikileaks and Jazeera

How do the Foriegn Policy editors let claims like this from Omar Chatriwala get by?

His piece on Al-Jazeera and Wikileaks boldly seeks to overturn the idea that the cables show nefarious collusion etc.

“…Leaving it at that, the cable appears to be a smoking gun showing Al Jazeera at the U.S. government’s beck and call. Iran-owned Press TV uses this to conclude that “the US government has previously had a say in what content to appear on the al-Jazeera website.” The website ArabCrunch similarly denounced Al Jazeera for responding to U.S. pressure, and says the cable “might have revealed the reason behind the AJ one sided coverage of Iraq in the recent years.” Read in their full context, though, this and other leaked cables tell a very different story.

He has another bold claim later:

“…Beyond this specific memo, WikiLeaks has published morethan 30 cables from the U.S. Embassy in Doha with the label Al Jazeera, and many more making mention of the news organization, ranging in date from September 2005 to February 2010. But the portrait the leaked cables paint is not evidence of any sort of conspiracy so much as an organization struggling to maintain professional standards.”

— The problem is, his piece offers NO EVIDENCE to support these claims? I mean, they are nice, counter-factual claims which could be “provocative,” but when you read the piece there’s no meat.

How do the editors let this stuff get by?


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September 22, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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