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Now Lebanon the headline vs. Now Lebanon reporting

How does Anna Maria Luca let a story get headlined “The gangs of Hezbollah” and then the best, first evidence is an explanation of the Adloun incidents where we get this:

“But the incident ended without violence due to the intervention of both Communist Party and Amal Movement representatives present at the event.

“Hezbollah did not intervene at all. They were not even present at the commemoration, and I feel that from under the table they supported the attack. I’m not sure, but that is what I feel,” Ahmad said.

— Now credit to Luca that she included this honest, sober sounding assessment…. but then we unfortunately get this right after:

Other incidents between Hezbollah members and villagers broke out in August in Nabatieh as well as in Houla, a village in South Lebanon known as a Communist stronghold, over a bid by the Hezbollah-controlled municipalities to close alcohol shops and force minimarkets to give up selling spirits.”

— Now I dont want to go into the mostly red herring aspect that is this Great Alcohol Dispute of 2011 (just remember how many hundreds of counties in the US where alcohol sales ARE PROHIBITED – and forget about sunday blue laws!)…. but how can Luca use the lead in “OTHER INCIDENTS” when she just said Hizbullah WAS NOT PRESENT?

Now Lebanon has been trying for some time to shed its NY Post style polemics and make itself a real reportorial effort… when these sorts of potentially informative pieces end of headlined like this, and obviously contradictory within a few lines of itself it does a disservice to this effort.

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September 22, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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