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Now Lebanon actually believes this?

Now Lebanon believes this opening statement I suppose:

“It seems that every burden heaped upon the country, be it war, strife, or simply a sense of stalemate and frustration, has Hezbollah’s fingerprints on it. The Wikileaks documents have shown, however, that the party has become politically isolated, with few friends.”

— The main point here (beyond the ridiculous statement blaming EVERYTHING bad on hizbullah) is that if the Wikileaks docs do indeed show how little love their is for Hizbullah, this is PRECISELY one of the best reasons why the ceder revolution policy circa 2005-2008 of directly and constantly antagonizing and confronting Hizbullah – and even at one point trying to militarily destroy it (July War) and then trying to inflict some serious militia wounds (May 2008) – missed such a great opportunity to marshal hizbullah’s spidarweb of enemies, frenemies and opportunistic allies to draw it in further and isolate those tendencies/practices which are so dangerous.

Now Lebanon therefore helps to make the point that the editorial line it has long towed was really pretty obtuse – there existed a wide array of resources in Lebanon and beyond to gradually contain and then sublimate hizbullah’s desire and ability to use violence.

Instead the Ceder Revolution radicals brushed aside these resources in an effort to WIN a SMASHING victory. Instead they ended up hobbling themselves and being outplayed by hizbullah who have amply demonstrated that they can thrive on direct adversarial relationships!

What would an alternative policy have looked like? Sadly, Now Lebanon is so immersed in its polemical project that it can’t even speculate in this direction.

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September 16, 2011 at 2:18 pm

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