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Agreeing with John Bolton

Bolton has this to say about Obama’s mideast push. In light of the news today, which we knew from Blair, that his good friend Dick Cheney sought to bomb Syria into the regime change field, the basic, small quibble is that his version of a” more radical Obama course correction” will be a disaster; but that a MOSTLY opposite (of bolton) course correction is needed to avert disaster.

He says: “The end of the Khadafy regime in Libya has focused new attention on the rebels in Syria — as has last week’s belated call by President Obama for the ouster of Bashar al-Assad. But it will take a more radical Obama course correction to make a real difference. After six months of bloodshed, with thousands dead, and only mild White House responses earlier, this belated pronouncement is likely too little too late.”


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August 26, 2011 at 4:49 pm

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