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Badran at his Best: Harder, Faster, Stronger

I had forgotten this nugget of insight at the end of Tony Badran’s Foreign Affairs piece:

“The United States, for its part, does not owe Assad a soft landing. Strategically, it should favor his ouster and the breaking up of the Iranian alliance system. Morally, the United States should favor policies that might actually prevent slaughter on Syrian streets.

— Beyond the incrorect, in my mind, view of Turkey as the real regional bad boy who NEEDS Assad and ONLY gains its power by being a mediator (by this simple logic then ALL turkish moves against Assad are ONLY deceptive and ONLY aim to keep him so that turkey can maintain its ONLY power which is as the neighborhood balancer…. how this stuff gets past the FA editors is beyond me….).

Well – beyond this, look at how tony’s longstanding call for a major war against the Iranian-led Resistance Axis can seem so effortless…. so easy now.

LET’S JUST DO IT! I mean Turkey should OF COURSE favor a direct effort at breaking the system up – which necessarily means great violence since he himself explains that these bad guys are inherently violent and will never cede power. (This is why I am told Tony has been at pains to deny the idea that Hizbullah wont tolerate the fall of Assad and would act…. he very much, it seems, wants to make this direct smash up approach seem EASY, effortless – more akin to the sweets and rice sort of regime change we remember so well.)

If only the Iraq War had been this simple.

But Badran is on the rise – (I oftentimes daydream about the Palin or Perry Mideast team) and he may yet get the war he has so long agitated for – just remember his argument, if it comes to pass, will be that the ONLY reason why the smash up of the Iranian Resistance axis was so bloody, so expensive, led to so many unintended consequences and really screwed US interests is because…. OBAMA – Obama did not go harder, faster, stronger earlier.

This ALREADY is their argument and it will be the fall back after boxed in policy makers decide – should they decide – to go down the Badran road.

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August 23, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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