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Countdown to Mission Accomplished Syria

A primary problem with the Neo-LiberalCon approach is that its proponents will always argue that harder, faster, stronger was not tried early enough, hard enough…. that gets them out, they think, of the problems that this approach usually engenders when applied – early or late.

The NYT has the crux of the policy debate here:

“Diplomatically, at least, Syria now appears more isolated than at any other time in the 41 years that Mr. Assad or his father, Hafez, has led the country. Administration officials and diplomats said they hoped that fact alone could break open fissures among the political and business elite cosseted under Mr. Assad’s rule. Until now they appear to have bet on the government’s somehow surviving.”

— I think this approach is fatally flawed and that – early on – positive inducements, strategies aimed at an oblique undermining of the regime’s raionale together with diplomatic pressure would have saved lives and better served a variety of interests (including the interest of transition and freedom in syria) than the course which Obama et al are now essentially railroaded into – a path which, I suspect, the Neo-LiberalCons understood early on was the way things would likely go, given the regime charachteristics.

— Note that there was ALMOST no public discussion about this kind of an alternative – which left the field open to the only “reasonable” game in town=heat up the Assads!

— However, if there is a minimal amount of violence in response to the heightened pressure and unraveling domestic situation – and the regime cracks apart – the Neo-LiberalCon approach will gain a significant victory in the IR field. In other words, if the NYT rationale above works, then Badran and Abrams and Young and Schenker may have been right after all on Syria – despite the failures which their approach engendered in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and elsewhere.


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August 19, 2011 at 5:04 pm

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