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Neil MacDonald cracks Hariri case, again: Mossad is too dumb to have hit Hariri

The STL is in big trouble if indeed people inside of it leaked the evidence to Neil MacDonald, relying on telecom data etc….

Either way – This NY Post style piece, with all the errors and hackneyed, pop-descriptions of bad boy Hizb (they are crazy, mirthless ascetics he says) helps one to understand his “reporting” better – it’s straight polemics, which is fine, but it should not be packaged as objective reporting designed to challenge rather than hem in the reader in their own (sometimes incorrect) preconceptions.

There is much to point fun at in the piece but this part I especially liked:

“…No doubt, all this back and forth amused Hezbollah’s leadership [BUT I THOUGHT THEY WERE ALL MIRTHLESS Neil? WHAT GIVES?], which long ago announced its own theory: Israel did it.

This is nonsense, but it works for Hezbollah on several levels.

For one, defending Israel is simply bad for one’s health in the Arab world, which also loves a conspiracy theory involving “the Jews.” (A secret Israeli underground bomb, unseen Israeli drones, a ghostly Israeli hit team, etc.)

— Neil evidently did not stick around long enough to have nasrallah’s august 2010 presentation translated for him, cuz the Israeli drones WERE SEEN (what they are up to is a different discussion)…. And why MEMRI-ize this…. Hizbullah talks overwhelmingly (though not exclusively) about Zionists…. not “the jews”…. In any case this is the best nugget:

“The Israel-did-it theory also plays into the mystique of invincibility enjoyed by Mossad, the Israeli spy service, in the Arab world.

It’s an undeserved reputation, but one Hezbollah has often used to its advantage.

(In reality, Mossad agents have, over the years, killed the wrong target, been thwarted, arrested and publicly humiliated during apparent assassination attempts, including recently in Dubai where they were extensively photographed by surveillance cameras. What’s more, Lebanese authorities have in the past few years rolled up an entire network of Israeli spies in that country.)

That the Mossad could, or would, carry out the complex, long-term operation that killed Hariri is ridiculous.

Under pressure in Lebanon, the UN tribunal actually investigated the Israel theory and found not a shred of evidence. Still, judging from the tidal wave of reaction to my documentary last fall, an awful lot of people in Lebanon and the West want to believe it.

— How do these guys get away with writing sentences that are right next to each other and which contradict themselves so obviously….

I dont get it Neil – you are subscribing to the idea that the MOSSAD is dumb? That is how you dismiss the Israeli side (there are of course far better ways to discount the Israel did it argument…) But you JUST SAID a hit team was in dubai – and though they were photographed – THEY KILLED THEIR TARGET…. and then you point to the LARGE NUMBER of Israeli agents rolled up post hariri hit….. this seems to suggest a deep penetration, even if they are DUMB as you seem to rely on.

I wonder – why didn’t neil mention the alleged Israeli agents arrested at the telecom company?

And how exactly did the STL look into the Israeli side – I guess we will see in the coming months?


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August 16, 2011 at 3:55 pm

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