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Shame on Foriegn Policy: Muslims don’t dress like the KKK and don’t “stink”

You know when to STOP reading an article when you get to this opening passage of incredible candor and insight in Foreign Policy (by Emma Sky here):

“I go to the ticket office, pay the entrance fee for foreigners and collect a hooded grey cloak to cover myself. The cloaks come in three sizes. A woman sitting there directs me towards the smallest size. The cloak stinks and I wonder when it was last washed and how many women have had to wear it in the sweltering summer heat. I put the cloak on over my clothes, pulling up the pointed hood to ensure my hair is covered. I enter the Umayyad mosque — built on the site of a shrine dedicated to John the Baptistlooking like a member of the Ku Klux Klan except dressed in grey, and carrying my shoes in my hand. I wander into the covered area where hundreds of people are praying, men in one area, women in another. I walk out to the courtyard. In one area, a group is seated on the ground. One man is kneeling, raising his arms, weeping “ya Hussein.” The others follow suit, tears flowing, looking quite distraught.”

— Making fun of muslims in childish, racist terms should not make it’s way into FP – Daniel and Marc should have flagged this or had it flagged as offensive, ridiculous and simply amatuerish (the old arguments of this kind of writing of course obtain and need not be explored in depth here as they are well known – i.e. as the starter, what if this had been about donning religious gear in a synagogue – this yamaka smells etc etc.). Sky was apparently an adviser of some kind for the US military…. which is also sad if this is the way she writes about her touristic adventures in search of the arab spring (as she puts it).

But for FP…. it’s even more jarring in a way – offensive and unhelpful for any sort of understanding of the events taking place in a place and a context far away from Emma Sky’s home.

UPDATE – Apparently this piece was originally posted via ricks…and then somehow cross posted on MEC so marc and daniel had nothing to do with it.


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July 30, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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