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Saab and Blanford on the next war

So what are nick and bilal advocating then… apart from giving an overview of the high stakes involved?

The only policy meat I could discern was this:

“In this context, the monthly tripartite meetings hosted by the UNIFIL peacekeeping force commander, which group Israeli and Lebanese military representatives in Naqoura, Lebanon, have proved to be an effective means of resolving issues linked to the United Nations-delineated Blue Line and a forum for advancing and addressing concerns voiced by either side, including the ongoing maritime dispute between Lebanon and Israel. There also exists an emergency communications facility between the Lebanese Army and the IDF, with the UNIFIL commander as a go-between to resolve any pressing problems that cannot wait for the next tripartite session. ”

— This needs SPECIFICS…. one thing that I have advocated is making tripartite more TRANSPARENT, more of a fact on the ground…. One way, broaden the reps there (turkey, qatar? france?) AND make the minutes public, instantly…. make key findings public….. have the UNIFIL play this role publicly…. STOP tip toeing (UN EU etc) around the idea that maybe hizb and the LAF and IDF want to break tripratite off…. THEY DO NOT…. THEY NEED it… just as all needed it in 1996-2000 when it was the pathbreaking Isreal-Lebanon Monitoring Group (a must read book on this and the critical April Understanding of 1996 which should be revived by various actors – especially president suleiman – at a media/political level is out by a former IDF guy called “Arbitrating Armed Conflict”).

So bilal and nick have a good piece whose parameters are getting to be well known finally – but where’s the beef?


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July 30, 2011 at 8:21 pm

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