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Netayahu on Al-Arabiya: Hizbullah is firing rockets at us! The people will pay for a next war

From a BBC Monitoring report last week – Many interesting nuggets from the PM’s al-arabiya interview  – the Ceder Rev would have led to a peace deal if it had succeeded… the Dahiye doctrine implied – in a next war the people will suffer massively…. and if the syria rev succeeds, it will, somehow, make LEBANON sign a peace deal….? Oh, and a great present tense use: Hizbullah rockets are STILL raining down on Israel it seems!

“Asked if he [Netanyahu] thinks the current situation in Syria will reflect on the situation in southern Lebanon or on the border between Israel and Syria, he says: “I hope that no one in Syria will try to heat up the border between Syria and Israel. And I hope Iran and Hezbollah will not be tempted to do this in order to shift world attention away from what is happening in Syria. That would be bad for the Lebanese and Syrian people and the peace process. I hope this does not happen.”

“When told that Israel continues its military exercises on the border with Lebanon perhaps in preparation for a military operation, he says: “We are holding these military exercises regularly due to regular attacks on us. More than 6,000 rockets were fired at Israel by Hezbollah in Lebanon without any reason. These rockets hit cities, houses, and children. We have no demands. We have withdrawn from Lebanon without demanding even an inch of the Lebanese land, but they did not stop firing rockets at us.”

On the reason for the Israeli “violations” of Lebanese airspace, he says: “We do not want anything from Lebanon; we are only defending ourselves. We have no ambitions against Lebanon. We tell Lebanon and Hezbollah, which is unfortunately running the government there on behalf of Iran, do not attack us please. If you respect us, we will respect you. I wish the Syrian revolution is crowned with success because I will then not say that and we will then conclude a peace treaty with Lebanon. Had the forces of moderation and progress in the Cedar Revolution succeeded, we would have established peace with Lebanon.”


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July 30, 2011 at 8:43 pm

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