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2007 Exec order RENEWED! Aounis still threaten Siniora gov, Obama-Feltam say

This was one of Feltman and Abrams worst ideas – putting an EO in place to go after Aoun supporters in the US…

You want one small part of the explanation as to why the “a-team” of terrorism – hizb – is in an ENDURING political alliance with the single most popular christian leader in the mideast: obtuse hard stick ideas that the bush team came up with when they were running out of options..

The best bit: The Aounis are “undermining Lebanon’s legitimate and democratically elected government.”

please, pray tell me – they are THE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT NOW…. So what is this?

Dear State Dept: at least update your formulas…. rewrite the EO if you want it so bad and think it is such a great idea.

Is it a lack of care, understanding?


WASHINGTON: United States President Barack Obama Thursday extended a freeze on assets of persons threatening stability in Lebanon, targeting those seeking “to undermine Lebanon’s legitimate and democratically elected government.” A White House statement, extending the freeze imposed in 2007, said that “certain ongoing activities, such as continuing arms transfers to Hezbollah that include increasingly sophisticated weapons systems, serve to undermine Lebanese sovereignty.” The move comes amid tense relations between the U.S. and Syria, which has links to Hezbollah, considered a terrorist group by Washington. Hezbollah was blamed for the fall of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government in January after the party and its March 8 allies resigned over a U.N. probe into the assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri. On Aug. 2, 2007, President George W. Bush ordered a freeze on the U.S. assets of anyone Washington deems to be undermining Lebanon’s pro-Western government. The Bush administration did not identify those targeted by the decree, but it came just a month after he imposed a U.S. travel ban on Syrian officials and Lebanese politicians whom the United States accused of fomenting instability in Lebanon. Read more: (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::


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