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The Guardian goes rogue: “densly wooded”

This new journo  seems nice enough for the guardian – but why embellish with falsehood color?

You dont need to – if your editor asks for it then at least revert to something remotely truthful? Look the job market for journos is tough but when you pepper in this stuff it discredits you for the future for those of us here.

“Signs of a changing Lebanon are all around. Banners of a smiling benefactor, the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamanei are peppered throughout Qana and all other Shia towns in the south. Other, less frequent posters show the two Lebanese Shia leaders, Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah, and a lesser light, Nabil Berri, who controls a second political party-cum-militia, Amal. Iran has used both to dispense hundreds of millions in cash to Lebanese who were caught up in the war.”

— This guy just parachuted into town it seems. The reality is that there are FAR LEES icons of Iran and Hizbullah in the south than in years past (more of course of Nas and Hizb). But one example is the NOTICEABLE take down of Khamene’i next to Fadlallah’s mosque – something that has great significance given the Fadlallah-Khamene’i split.

— I challenge the author to verify this part of his color…. again – don;t impress with the obvious – choose something real.

“Summer has often been fighting season in the south. And in the densely wooded lands around the Litani, preparations have been made for the next war ever since the guns fell silent last time.”

— The litani area is NOT densely wooded. Period – again, get your color right.


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July 16, 2011 at 8:04 pm

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