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Cassese still doesn’t get it – it’s not about stability

The STL president still thinks that Jumblatt’s formulation is the important one to address: stability vs. justice.

It is NOT. Nasrallah’s is the key one to address i.e. a “deeply flawed” process of justice (according to AI) is NOT conducive for stability, and not worth it.

Sadly, yet again, Cassese fails to lend credibility to his straw man or the STL by not engaging in a serious, and immediate investigation into all of the various leaks, buying and selling of evidence etc. This credibility gap is but one major weight holding down the STL process which should have been addressed a long time ago.

From his NYT op-ed:

“…We are of course aware that in Lebanon, as elsewhere, justice has to operate within a political environment, which inevitably leads to baseless accusations of judicial bias. Some claim that our pursuit of justice will threaten the stability of Lebanon. This is wrong, for true stability can only be reached when those responsible for horrific crimes are called to account and the animosity of the various sectarian groups is laid to rest. It is the international character of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that shields the judicial proceedings from Lebanon’s political struggles and also allows this court to maintain a long-term perspective on the need for justice as a foundation for lasting peace and stability.”


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July 13, 2011 at 11:10 am

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