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The problem with the Obama non-plan for Syria

The Guardian has an excellent piece on a “roadmap” document that I only briefly perused…. the essential point here is that these types of reasonable ideas MUST be pursued with greater vigor as the least worse way to get out of the tunnel Syria and the region is headed into.

Sadly though, the Obama admin is in the worst position of all – neither here nor there:

A state department spokesman said: “We are encouraging genuine dialogue between the opposition and the regime but we are not promoting anything. We want to see a democratic Syria but this is in the hands of the Syrian people.”

— This is a terrible, but true boiling down of the US approach. Now is exactly the time when a real roadmap for stabilization, transition and the addressing of grievances (especially occupied syrian territory in the golan) needs to be publicly put out there by the strong external actors – based on syrians from within – and then used to either hobble the regime from within should it reject such a deal ( and used to create an overwhelming outside consensus for effective pressure) or to actually get on the road to more democractic Syria, justly treated.


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July 4, 2011 at 2:22 pm

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