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Aspen Institute Loves (Night) Life

The Aspen Institute’s Lebanon program has long been unhelpful in generating any non-Neo-LiberalCon ideas for what to do on Lebanon… presumably at a great expense….but I always enjoy their weekly roundup because it so often betrays the underlying polemic they are shooting for, so beautifully. This bit from this week has all the normal BS: but look how they help make the point – made for so long – that the I LOVE LIFE CAMPAIGN was and is overdetermined by a silly elitist (and sometimes sectarian) equation that really had little to do with the hopes and aspirations of the vast majority of people’s lives:

“Beirut’s nightlife is living up to its reputation, with American pop artists, such as Shakira, attracting thousands in weekly concerts and performances. Outside of Beirut, the prestigious Beitiddine and Baalbek Festivals continue to attract hundreds of fans of world renowned musicians and performers. This year’s performances include jazz, ballet, piano recitals and musical theaters. The numerous activities prove yet again that despite political tensions and government deadlock, the Lebanese still pride themselves for an indefatigable love of life.

ALL Lebanese = .05% of the Lebanese population = great argument for “just letting us live”


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June 10, 2011 at 11:01 pm

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