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Summer Reading List for Tony Badran, Schenks, Lee Smith et al: Olmert on peace with Syria

This is ONLY the latest (and for obvious reasons not even the most compelling) in years of evidence that the neo-liberalcon crowd is plain wrong when it comes to their silly argument that because the Assad’s are Alawite their DNA is such that they will never do a peace deal.

Remember – until January 2011, a dictator could look around and see that a peace deal with Israel could lead to substantial western supports for their rule.

From Haaretz today

“We were on the threshold of negotiations with Syria. Israel was in a different situation in talks with the Palestinians, on the verge of a real possibility of a breakthrough, with tough decisions to be make regarding the south,” Olmert said.

“And all of that,” the former PM said, “had to be led by someone living under the dark cloud of suspicions and recommendations [to indict].”

Olmert also spoke of the real steps already taken to jumpstart peace talks with Syria, just as he was being informed of investigations and corruption charges, saying: “We were a day before a press conference with the Turkish foreign minister, the Syrian foreign minister and myself.”

“We estimated that if that would have taken place, peace negotiations would have been over with in a very short time. All the parameters were already known. I went. It was an extraordinary occasion. After dinner, the Turkish prime minister spoke with the Syrian president,” Olmert told the court.

But, Olmert said, on the other side were his personal affairs, “dealing with accusations.” Later, the former PM said that he understood he couldn’t be prime minister any more.

“Because I know what we had lost. I know what we had lost. I know what was on the line. How close it was. On what threshold we were standing, one that could have changed life here. But I know that such decisions can’t be made with a dark cloud over your life.”


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June 3, 2011 at 3:15 pm

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