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Our Weekly Bloomberg column finally debuts

From our weekly Bloomberg column available every Tuesday here:

“Although the sparring between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama continued to reverberate across the English-language blogosphere, the attention of many leading Arabic-language commentators turned to a different source of conflict: the deepening unrest and violence gathering momentum in several pivotal regional states.

Among these, Syria and Yemen stood out for providing some of the more surprising rhetorical attacks by voices traditionally considered friendly to the regimes in Damascus and Sana’a.

One such voice was Talal Salman, the editor-in-chief and owner of the leftist Beirut-based newspaper, As-Safir, who published an article on May 23 with the provocative title: “Where is President Bashar al-Assad?”

“The sound of bullets is almost masking the talk about the reforms in Syria that President Bashar al-Assad had pledge to achieve,” he wrote, “especially since communication has grown difficult and the noise of the tanks and the echoes of the protestors’ chants has become overwhelming.”

Criticizing the regime-dominated Syrian media for pinning the unrest on foreign agent provocateurs, Salman asked who these “elements of sedition,” and “criminals,” were exactly? He wrote: “Who is feeding them and inciting them and causing them to spread all over Syria?”



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