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Hanin Ghaddar goes off

Hanin’s piece here suffers from the classic Now Lebanon problem of polemical overdose…. I made SOME similar arguments in the Asia Times here earlier this month… but she unfortunately litters her piece with extremes that undermine the strength of a few of her arguments.

At one point she even says flatly: “Hezbollah’s main two assets in Lebanon are its arms and popular support. Today, the party is losing its indirect support base, that is, those who are not active Hezbollah members and who are not benefiting politically or financially from the party. They, the majority of Hezbollah’s support base, have lost faith in the party.”

The more that Hanin and others go to extremes in their arguments, the more I am coming to think that Nasrallah’s wednesday speech actually DOES have some room to offer an effective comeback (if he is a bit daring vis a vis Syria).

You see – it is quite possible a la 2005 that the ceder revolutionists might again get intoxicated with their own juice and therefore offer a series of openings for their opponents to skillfully (and in some cases rightfully) exploit. At least they are going down that track once again it seems NOW (though the top leadership is somewhat restrained this time around!). We will see indeed.

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May 24, 2011 at 7:14 pm

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