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Freidman Amnesia

Thomas Friedman has this to say: “Of course, the million-dollar question hanging over the Syrian rebellion, and all the Arab rebellions, is: Can the people really come together and write a social contract to live together as equal citizens — not as rival sects — once the iron fist of the regimes is removed?”

— Funny, he still doesn’t quite understand that the legacy of western post-colonialist policy (as well as before this period) was precisely to use divisions, particularly sectarian, to drive wedges among and between the people of the mideast. Is this something in the distant past which NOW burdens the transition? NO – just read wikileaks and you can see that enflaming sectarian divisions was and is very much a US policy priority both overtly and covertly NOW. Thank god for paywalls at the NYT!


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May 23, 2011 at 11:45 am

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