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Young right on M14, but gives no analysis of the real reasons why

My favorite piece from Mike Young in years that should be read in full here. What he does NOT offer is a strategic reading of why Anti-Syrian M14 is being sooooo nice to the Syrian regime at this critical moment! KSA’s role? Are they worried Aoun’s alliance of minorities narrative may be proven right should a Sunni-led bloodbath against Christians materialize during the meltdown?… Nothing from Young save his displeasure that M14 is not heating things up!

“It has been a debilitating transition since Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government fell months ago. One reason is that the majority has proven utterly incompetent in forming a new government. The rapaciousness of some of its members has been disgraceful, exposing the hollowness of the majority’s alleged reformist agenda.

However, direct your criticism at March 14 as well, and that includes Saad Hariri as caretaker prime minister. Hariri is still smarting, justifiably, over the way he was ousted from power. Hezbollah barred the prime minister’s return to office in favor of Najib Mikati, against the wishes of most Sunnis. And then, with Syrian assistance, it flipped Walid Jumblatt, forming a new majority. Since then, Mikati has been bogged down in a grinding government-formation process, and Hariri has had no incentive to assist the majority out of its morass.

But it’s also fair to say that, both in form and content, March 14 has not played the interim period well. The coalition has missed a rare opportunity to bolster its credibility at the expense of its rivals, and more important, to guarantee the continuity of proper governance…”


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May 21, 2011 at 5:37 pm

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