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Hizbullah popularity in Turkey

Beirut Spring finds low Pew numbers for Hizbullah interesting in Turkey. One note – and remember that polls in the middle east are notoriously flawed – is that I can’t find numbers for Nasrallah himself.

One thing I have noticed, which I am not sure mustapha is aware of, is that in Turkey there is broad confusion over Turkish Hezbollah and Lebanese Hizbullah…. Many Turks, it seems, assume the link. That ANY party with such a name would be vastly unpopular makes A LOT of sense as Turkish Hezbollah was behind a number of “deep state,” false flag terrorist operations which were actually coordinated by the secular state apparatus (pre-AKP control). The legacy of the whole deep state-CIA nexus is a particularly odious chapter in modern Turkish history.


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May 20, 2011 at 2:31 pm

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