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The Obama Two-Step

— Obama just said – colonialism ended fifty years ago – so why are you arabs still angry at the US? Huh? Does this makes sense?

— It was not america who put the people in the streets of Tunis? Well actually you can say that the joint US-EU policy of supporting Ben Ali did indeed engender the anger and protests that ended up…. getting people out.

— Funny, Obama left out riyadh and manama in the capitals where women and people should have democratic rights…

— The first peaceful protests in the region…. were in Tehran in 2009? Where does this president get his facts from?

— If we are supporting the multi religious unity seen during the Egyptian revolution then what are we doing vis a vis KSA et al’s efforts to promote salafism and a general pro saudi islamist reaction/counter revolution that works against that trend? read Murr’s newspaper today (a great friend of Feltman) – What was Feltman supposedly doing in Turkey last month with these folks?

— Totally – it’s the “economy stupid”…. focus ON TRADE…. great ideas for solving the real problems….Does he really think this makes sense? Or is this to preempt Netanyahu’s “economic peace” to congress?

— Wait, so Israeli kids get killed and Palestinian kids just suffer … HUMILIATION…. that is the symmetry he thinks is going on….

— Making fun of the September state bid…. not a good idea… the reaction to this part and the speech will be terrible in the arabic media!

End point – Obama just made the task of the US more difficult – no matter what its end goals.

A very bad idea to have done this speech with so little to say.

Indeed – far worse than the cairo speech….. how did they think that it was a good idea to give a speech WORSE and with LESS MEAT than the Cairo speech.

CONGRATS to dennis ross.


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May 19, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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