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Sean & Exum: Border clashes

A good back and forth linked here.

Exum has this awful phrase which Sean points out:

“…There is no concrete evidence for this, of course, except what Andrew calls the one rule he follows for Levantine politics: “just be cynical about the motives and actions of everyone, and you will never go wrong.”

— Exum knows better than to use silly arguments that smell just a bit like the kind of Lee Smith racism that he also rightly and regularly criticizes. ONE RULE to follow… is this rule not applicable to most politics in general… what about in the US right now? What about the future/never president of France right now?

— And yes Exum knows well, there are real examples of Levantines acting genuinely through history….

— But Exum has this more important graph: “So the events of yesterday do not, thankfully, seem to have kicked off a regional war, though continue to knock on wood..”

I would point out that this contradicts Exum’s repeated pooh-poohing of the importance of the Levant theater… I don’t understand Andrew: I thought this mini business with hizbullah, israel, syria, hamas etc was small fries compared to Af-Pak etc?

But now you’re talking about a “regional war” suddenly and I wonder if this does not put a bit more importance back into the scene here?


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May 17, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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