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Hamas leader: this is a golden opportunity

Hamas leader Khalid Meshal on Jazeera the other day – key bits:

“Strategically, Egypt continues to be the enemy of Israel… even after the Camp David Agreement, the Egyptian army continued to believe that Israel is its enemy. Indeed Israel has never changed its view that Egypt is its enemy…Therefore, since Israel is an enemy of Egypt and Egypt is an enemy of Israel, and given the fact that Israel is occupying Palestinian and Arab territories, and that it is an enemy of the ummah, then it has to be the enemy of the biggest Arab state; namely Egypt. Based on this, and given Israel’s threat to the region and to Egypt, its people, and its regional role, interests, and national security, Egypt, in the new era, must think strategically how to muster its strength and how to draw up a new strategy in confronting Israeli threats and ambitions and lead an adequate Arab and Islamic policy to force Israel to withdraw.”

“…This does not mean that we are asking Egypt to launch an official war involving armies; we are talking about a strategy that implies self-respect and readiness to confront threats by the Zionist entity.”

“…We should not pressure Egypt. I think and I say with all fairness that Egypt has the right to take sufficient time to regain its vigour, choose its political system..

“…I am certain that Fatah will regain its spirit, especially because we have a helping factor; namely Netanyahu. He has closed all doors, is ignoring our right, and is embarrassing everyone, including even the Americans. This is a golden opportunity.”


Written by nickbiddlenoe

May 11, 2011 at 8:01 pm


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