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Lee Smith: Hard-Core Middle East Expert

These sage, completely unambiguous words of advice from a person with no language or academic training in the Middle East, a firm supporter of the racist idea that Arabs only understand force (“Strong Horses”) and, best of all, a long-time supporter of bringing the hard stick (and usually massive violence and unintended consequences) to bear on native populations in the name of Liberalism (since they ever ONLY understand force):

“…America has no reason to help preserve that regime. It doesn’t matter who follows Assad, if it’s an Islamist regime or Osama bin Laden himself, Syria can’t possibly be any more damaging to U.S. interests since the only limits the Assad regime observes are those imposed upon it by force…”

— Imagine what would happen to US interests (not to mention Arab AND Israeli interests) with a Republican White House where Smith is…. a Mideast Advisor, Eliott Abrams is back, David Schenker is running Mideast affairs at the Pentagon and… Michael Young is collectively their favorite author – as Abrams once said.


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April 29, 2011 at 3:33 pm

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