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Traub’s missing piece: The April Understanding

James Traub, who had some awful insights about Lebanese women (blogged earlier), has this to say in FP on Goldstone:

“…But if Israel didn’t set out to kill civilians, then critics have to show that it could have ended the threat of further attacks from Gaza without using means, such as the shelling of urban areas, that were bound to cause significant civilian deaths –– without exposing Israeli soldiers to dangers that no responsible commander would permit. That’s not an easy case to make. Even if you remove the reckless acts and the isolated crimes, Israel might still have killed many hundreds of civilians in the course of ending the threat from Gaza…”

–Although he is a poor analyst of events in Lebanon at least, this part captures a key point relevant for SOME asymmetric conflicts, a point for which he is apparently unaware: Traub needs to read the terms of the April Understanding 1996. More on this soon, and hopefully a conference here in Beirut on the subject.

Suffice it to say Nasrallah and Hizbullah HAVE INDEED offered the IDF a way out via the terms of that agreement. 1996-2000 it was overwhelmingly the Israelis who broke the terms. Read “Arbitrating Armed Conflit: A History of the Israel Lebanon Monitoring Group by an ISF officier for more!


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