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To David Sanger: It’s the SCUDS (partially), stupid

Yet another consequence of the US failing to pressure Israel to give up the last 100 meters around Lake Tiberius, as promised, to Syria in March 2000! Instead of a more peaceful Egypt type scenario, the US is faced with limited influence and a bloody prospectus…. AND something that David Sanger, incredibly, omits in trying to explain to NYT readers WHY our options are so limited (Here): He fails to mention 1) WMD and delivery capability and 2) the last ten years of Bush/Obama policies which sought to isolate, pressure and collapse (nicely, not directly) the Assad regime RATHER than pressuring for the 2008 Turkey-Israel-Syria negotiations.

We are not JUST in this tight spot with a lot of potential bloodshed because of a “bad” regime (of course many aspects of it are AWFUL and indeed EVIL)…. we are also in this spot because of our poor policy choices overtime – unforgivable in my mind since the US has for so long held such a great preponderance of power.

That is what makes it not just stupid but sinful.


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April 26, 2011 at 12:44 pm

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