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Saudi paper has “secret papers” detailing Iranian limits on freedom of assembly!

I would agree that when it comes to secret evidence, secret documents and even “non-secret” evidence (like telephone data!), one should give it little credence. There is a vigorous, multi-sided information and intelligence War going on in the Middle East and facts are easily sacrified/manipulated.

This piece from the KSA paper Okaz is brilliant – a secret document, enflaming sectarianism…. and MOST IRONICALLY, ALL of the charges leveled against Iran obtain…. in Saudi Arabia!

From our Daily Briefing at

On April 17, the pro-government Okaz newspaper carried the following report by Abdullah al-Dani: “Secret documents from the ministerial committee at the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and National Security “Ettela’at,” were acquired by Okaz and revealed a series of decisions adopted against the Arabs in Al-Ahwaz in the Khuzestan province, and granting the Ministry the absolute power to arrest any suspected individual or group of people without the need for a judicial authorization. The ministerial committee also decided to prevent any gathering of more than five people in the province, and especially if they are Arabs… Instructions were also issued to the ministries of housing, construction, Jihad-e-Agriculture and “natural resources,” not to grant any lands or houses that are not being sold to this ethnicity, regardless of the circumstances.

“Moreover, the Interior Ministry was instructed to abstain from appointing or deploying Arab officers in the province, and to avoid having any of them being from the inhabitants of the province. On the other hand, Okaz acquired the special decision related to the measures to monitor any possible riots in the Khuzestan province. The decision ordered the prevention of any gatherings in the areas witnessing tensions, as well as the staging of the Fitr prayers outside the set locations. It added that those who violated this decision should be sanctioned, [the order] banned wearing the local “Arab” traditional outfits on Eid al-Fitr and ordered a confrontation with the local Arab traditions that might instigate ethnic sensitivities among the population.

“In that same context, the decision authorized the use of the police command’s full capacity to manage the intelligence work in the Khuzestan province, take pictures of all the riots to exploit them when needed, monitor all the crossings and roads leading into the province, establish full coordination on all levels between the security apparatuses of the province, the political security committee and the intelligence apparatus, and prevent the people with a history of rioting from entering the province. And in case riots and armed confrontations erupt, the decision prevented the acceptance or treatment of any injured in the hospitals and medical centers without informing and receiving the consent of the intelligence apparatus. The decision added that orders will be given to the neighboring provinces to assist and support the police by providing it with all its requirements…”


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April 18, 2011 at 3:55 pm


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