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Has the Salafist Moment Finally Arrived

We are daily translating scores of pieces from the middle east that point to the rise of the salafists to heights not seen in the Modern history of the region…. when one adds to this the possible FURTHER Saudi financial and political cover for such a rise… well I think you can see what will likely be one of the great trends of the next few years.

Get ready – the US’s greatest allies paid for this, are seeing it as a useful strategy now…. and perhaps believe it is the only way out of the awful rut they have long dug…. i.e. GO DEEPER IN to the strategy which they have LONG pushed a la Sadat, KSA, the anti communists etc…

I do wonder – is this a mortal threat to Israel as was postulated the other day at the NI? It never was in the past and was instead the way to defeat arafat et al….(Open question perhaps)

Is this the best way to deal with Iran and the shiite crescent? (of course not)

And what does this mean for US interests (disaster I say).


Written by nickbiddlenoe

April 14, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Posted in ANALYSIS

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