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Al-Jazeera English killing it: Welcome Adrian Finnigan

It’s incredible watching the professional transformation from its inception in 2006 till now – Al-Jazeera English is not only continuously watchable AND informative in a useful and enjoyable way (as opposed to the dumming down and frustration one has watching the other folks, even the BBC on occasion), its also bagging “stars” from other networks… Just was listening in the background and thought I had mistakenly put on CNN – hearing a familiar Uk-accented anchor. Turns out another aquisiton from CNN Int. – joining Cal Perry…. Adrian Finnigan, thats it.

In any case, It seems inevitable that AJI will hit the US right? STILL THEY ARE HELD up.



If it does get out in the US – as one recent paper argues – it could very well make an impact on US attitudes.

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March 18, 2011 at 7:33 pm

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