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Operation Cedar (Revolution) Sweep: The Three Big Questions

I think there is a chance the Guardian gets this surmise wrong – at least from just this cable, if this is indeed the ONLY one so far:

“The use of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for American U2 spy plane missions over Hezbollah locations in Lebanon – missions that have never been disclosed until now – prompted an acrimonious series of exchanges between British officials and the US embassy in London, according to the cables released by WikiLeaks…”

“Ministers demanded a full “audit trail” of covert operations, codenamed Cedar Sweep, amid growing public concern in the UK about unacknowledged CIA rendition flights and alleged UK complicity in torture. The planes gathered intelligence that was then allegedly passed to the Lebanese authorities to help them track down Hezbollah militants. In the past, such flights have also been carried out on Israel’s behalf by the Americans.

1) Did Operation Cedar Sweep cover Hizbullah? From THIS ONE cable we do not know…but the Guardian and Akhbar have MORE…. It is possible that this operation was JUST to cover Sunni militants. If it did cover Hizbullah, M14 Gov gave its approval for a very stupid plan. Remember, this particular UK embassy cable is just AFTER May 7 2008 fight…

2) Did Cedar Sweep ONLY involve Lebanese “authorities” – and not US boots? If yes, WHICH branch? If Hizbullah was a target, M14 is in big trouble in little Lebanon.

3) To what degree was Cedar Sweep “carried out on Israel’s behalf by the Americans?” If there is a direct Murr et al link via US intel operation to Israel… well: Murr et al are going to need a good lawyer among other things.”


Written by nickbiddlenoe

December 3, 2010 at 4:15 pm


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