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News & Opinion Roundup

Roundup of pieces from the region:

American foreign policy result of domestic and international challenges
On August 19, the Iranian daily Siyasat-e Ruz reported: “American militarism in the international community proves the illusory nature of Barack Obama’s slogans of ‘policy of change’… The recent changes in the American Army come from domestic and international challenges for the US that have forced Barack Obama to make these changes in the army.”

Iran Angry at Russian Indecisiveness
On August 19, the conservative Iranian daily Javan said: “The experience of Russians’ 200-year cooperation with Iran shows they have upset the game’s rule at the last moment… The delay in the launching of the Bushehr power plant, breach of their promise on handing S300 missiles and tens of other examples of this. Therefore, if [Iranian] statesmen have precise information about Russia’s cooperation in launching the Bushehr power plant by 16 September 2010, they should announce it officially and avoid using words like ‘hopefully’ if they intend to… make the Russians fulfil their promises”

Criticism of Obama over ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque
On August 19, Lebanon’s An-Nahar wrote: “The issue of establishing an Islamic centre in an area parallel to the World Trade Centre’s towers in Manhattan, New York, known as ‘Ground Zero’ represents the apparent part of the mountain of hatred that Zionist forces are instilling in the US mind and culture to a degree that threatens the philosophy of diversity, democracy and respecting others’ rights and beliefs in the USA…If Obama was really keen on Muslims’ feelings, did he not find a better way than agreeing on building a mosque in a place that enables fanatics and Zionists to remind people of the terrorism that took place on 11 September 2001 in this place? Some people even go further to ask: Is not exerting serious effort to implement his [Obama’s] pledges towards the Palestinian cause and state more useful with regard to showing the USA’s adherence to rights, freedom and justice.”

What is Palestine waiting for?
On August 19, Jordan’s Ad-Dustour said: “Is it logical for the Palestinian negotiator to wait for international guarantees to start direct negotiations; especially since international parties provided several similar guarantees in the past to several Palestinian and Arab parties but neither Israel nor the international parties committed to these guarantees or recognized them, as if they did not exist in the first place.”

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August 21, 2010 at 3:34 pm



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