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Martime borders: UN already considers Israel in violation of the Blue line extension to sea

The NYT has a piece on Israel’s gas finds today:

“The tensions with Lebanon — Israel’s neighbor to the north with which it remains technically at war — stem from Lebanon’s hope that some of the gas falls in its waters as well the patina of mistrust that hovers over the relationship.

“Worried by Israel’s plans, the Lebanese Parliament this week passed a law to auction undersea energy exploration rights in 2012 and to draw its own maritime borders.

“…Israeli authorities say the fields lie within their own economic territory as defined by international maritime law.

“..An American official involved in the issue said the Israel-Lebanon land border had not been fully drawn and until it was, the maritime border would remain in potential dispute. A mile one way or the other on the land border could make a big difference in drilling rights.”

— One interesting, but little discussed, aspect of this dispute is the fact that Israel has illegally extended its idea of the maritime border at an angle off of the Blue Line which is 20 degrees beyond the UN accepted line. UNIFIL briefers in Naquora stress this point – that Israel is in violation of UNSCR 1701 as a result of 1) Ghajar 2) Overflights AND 3) the Maritime border angle… but this last fact still has yet to get cycled into the media reports on this emerging subject. Strangely, even the Lebanese do not appear to be raising this evident and UN-acknowledged violation either!

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August 20, 2010 at 6:36 pm

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