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“Sudanese people complaining about racism [in Lebanon]…”

On June 18, the pro-parliamentary minority daily Al-Akhbar, carried the following report: “…”Are we even human beings in Lebanon?” a simple question that has been keeping Abdel-Meneem Ibrahim, a Sudanese citizen, awake for the past 21 years, since he took refuge in Lebanon. “I know that not all Lebanese are alike. Some of them are like brothers to me. But the problem lies in the way the security apparatuses view us. We do not feel that we are human according to them…” A few days ago, a number of Sudanese refugees and citizens came to Al-Akhbar and told the story of an incident that took place at the Ouzai area, a week ago, that made some of them wish to “die in the hell of Darfur instead of the life of humiliation that they are leading in Lebanon…”


Written by nickbiddlenoe

June 23, 2010 at 11:20 pm


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