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Nasrallah on the Export of the Revolution

Watching a taped version of Press TV’s live interpretation of Nasrallah’s address/sermon on Khomeini now. Nasrallah is going to lengths to try to explain the core Khomeini concept of “exporting the revolution” which has understandably made some in the Middle East and beyond concerned – given that the benign idea of exporting religious/ethical ideas has also come alongside, at certain key points, an Iranian sword – though usually not in the form of “armies” but through the IRGC.


“[This concept]  does not mean we want to do this the way of the sword”

“We want to hear new ideas and present our ideas to the world… everyone has the right to accept [or not accept] our ideas. The idea of exporting the revolution as not about exporting armies or invading countries….what he meant is exporting these ideas and ethics… today, speaking about lebanon, we can say the resistance founded in lebanon, although a national resistance which includes many different sects…. we, hizbullah, base our ideas on the ideas of Iman Khomeini when it comes to martyrdom and depending on god… this is what Khomeini means when he talks about exporting the revolution.”

“These are not the teachings of Khomeini but the teachings of the prophets – these ideas must be spread to the world in general…”

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June 4, 2010 at 4:41 pm


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