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Joe Biden: Is this really better than the Bush-mumble versions?

Friday Lunch Club and others point to this interview with VP Joe Biden. Forget what you may think about who was right or wrong etc in the flotilla mess, but the tortured logic and lack of basic facts (Biden says Labor Leader Barak was responsible for the Gaza Pullout??? I mean the Iraqi pullout…I mean Gaza?). Was he confusing Hizbullah and Barak’s pullout from Lebanon in 2000 with Gaza and Sharon’s pullout?

“Remember, it was Ehud Barak who decided to pull all Iraqi troops — I mean, excuse me, all Iraqi — all Israeli troops out of Gaza. He did that back in ’06. Then there was an election, an election for their parliament with a president named Mahmoud Abbas who, in fact, was the successor of Arafat in the Fatah. That

And then this gem: 3000 rockets last year were fired by Hamas into Israel? Again, maybe he is mixing swathes of history? Between Lebanon and Gaza?

And then later, “they got in a fight among themselves” – does the VP not read Vanity Fair or his own Intel reports to know about the Fatah-US initial coup attempt in Gaza which then led to the takeover?

“They then got in a fight among themselves. They physically took over by force of arms, killed members of the existing government, exile them, took over and started firing rockets into Israel. Over 3,000 went in last year.”

Very sadly, Joe Biden, at least when he talks about the Middle East, can seem as ill informed and contradictory as Bush did…. which should frighten us all about the Obama approach or non approach to the Mideast.

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June 3, 2010 at 9:13 pm

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