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“Nasrallah to Rai Aam: no evidence was presented about Scuds…” 

Q: “You talked about the equation of an “eye for an eye” in any upcoming war, saying that if they were to destroy the airport of martyr Rafik al-Hariri, you will destroy the Bin Gurion airport. This gave the impression you possessed something worse than the Scuds. Is this a mere psychological war or do the Israelis understand what this means?

A: “Let us be specific. I did not talk about something that is worse or not. I do not tackle such details. I say that the resistance can meet these defensive commitments. During the July 2006 war, the resistance proved it enjoyed good capabilities on more than one level and surprised the Israeli enemy. I also say that the Israelis were not surprised by certain details, such as the possession of land-to-air missiles and ones which can reach targets beyond Haifa. Nonetheless, they were surprised by the whole picture… Today, we say we will not allow the bombing of our cities. There are red lines. They threatened to bomb our infrastructure and we threatened to bomb theirs. We are able to respect these promises and commitments. As for the types of missiles and the details, these are things we do not address in the media…

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May 2, 2010 at 8:47 pm


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